Both Partners have HSV 1-Living happily together

When both partners have HSV 1, it’s essential for them to embrace their status to enjoy their relationship. Herpes affects millions of people globally.

However, it’s common to find both partners have HSV 1. And they have embraced their conditions to live a happy marriage. Let’s explore more on ways you can enjoy your relationship and manage the HSV1 condition.

Discussing the HSV1 condition

It’s essential when both Partners have HSV 1 to discuss the various health issues that may affect their lives. They need to explore ways of loving each other and even becoming parents with their conditions.

Firstly the couple needs to discuss the honest ways of enjoying their sexual lives. And this is without increasing the virus to other parts of the body. Frequently gathering the correct knowledge and information will help the couple enjoy their married life.

Secondly, they should be prepared to answer each other questions about their condition openly and honestly. It helps each of the partners to know how to handle the situation in case the symptoms reoccur.

Both Partners have HSV 1


Overall Health

HSV1 is a common and highly contagious infection that affects a person, and it’s the lifelong condition. Additionally, the vast majority of people with HSV-1 infections have the cold sores around the mouth. But others may have the infection around their anal and genital area.

It’s crucial when both Partners have HSV 1 to know the exact location of the infection. It enables them to take care of each other overall health. Besides, couples with HSV-1 can lead a normal life by taking various treatments.

Using Medication

The medical treatments like the antiviral medications such as famciclovir, acyclovir, and valacyclovir. Moreover, these medications are super active and readily available for HSV 1 infected people. They aid in reducing the frequency of symptoms and its severity but cannot cure the infection.

Avoiding Oral Contact

It advisable when both Partners have HSV 1 to avoid oral contact since it reduces the virus from increasing. Also, they should stop having contact with saliva and the sharing of objects.

Additionally, the partners should avoid having oral sex to prevent transmitting of herpes virus to their genitals. The couple should also abstain from having any sexual activity while either of them is experiencing active herpes symptoms.

Adhering to Proper Hygiene and Health Lifestyle

Hygiene also plays a crucial role for people with this virus, and they should always keep bodies dry and clean. Also, they should avoid picking at the sores to prevent them from spreading to other body parts. Avoid using very harsh detergents on your skin.

Nevertheless, it’s important for the partners to strengthen their body defense mechanism by embracing a healthy lifestyle. They should try to exercise regularly, eat a varied diet and also get enough sleep.

Both Partners have HSV 1

Pregnancy, birth, and HSV1

For couples living together, it’s crucial to note that HSV does not affect their fertility. However, for the expectant parents who are quite eager awaiting their bundle of joy, they need to take various steps. The steps ensure the overall health of their baby.

Experts advise parents to know about HSV1. Additionally, they need to learn the different ways of preventing their baby from getting neonatal herpes. But the neonatal herpes is very rare, but also a severe illness. The HSV 1 spread to an infant through the following ways

  • If the mother has the HSV1 in her birth canal and delivers the baby in the usual way
  • In the very rare instance, the HSV may also spread to the baby through touch. But it’s possible when someone with a dynamic cold, sensitive touch the baby.

The neonatal herpes is very rare with less than 0.1% of babies getting it globally. It affects babies who are less than 28 days old. Furthermore, neonatal herpes may also cause damage to the baby central nervous system. It may also cause throat, and eye infection, mental retardation or even death.

Giving the newborn affected with neonatal herpes medication may help in reducing the lasting damaging of the disease.

Women living with genital HSV1 for a longer period have a lower risk of infecting their babies. It’s because they have antibodies that can protect the baby.

Protecting the Baby

When both Partners have HSV 1, and they are pregnant, there is a high concern of spreading the infection. For those who have suffered the condition for a more extended period, spreading the disease to their baby is minimal. To even make the risk smaller pregnant parents need to

  • Talk to the midwife and obstetrician and let them know you have genital herpes
  • During labor check your genital areas for itching, sores, tenderness or tingling. This is to detect if you have any signs of an outbreak.
  • If your partner has an active cold core, he should refrain from coming near the newborn.

Understanding what triggers HSV1

When both Partners have HSV 1, they need to know what triggers its outbreak. And it’s a simple way of getting to help each other to pass through the stage safely. Most of the HSV1 triggers differ from each person. However, the common factors include trauma, extreme weather conditions, menstruation, and exposure to sunlight. Others include fever or anything that lowers the immune system. Besides getting of general illness, flu and cold may trigger the HSV1. But other people have no definite cause that triggers the HSV 1.

Managing HSV1

When both Partners have HSV 1, it’s crucial to gets ways to control the infection to enjoy your relationship. Over the years the medical industry has established numerous and effective treatment for the HSV1 conditions. As a couple, using a simple procedure that helps relieve the discomfort includes the following

  • Salt baths- the salt bath can clean and also sooth and dry the sores
  • Pain relievers- using simple analgesics like paracetamol and aspirin may help to reduce the pain. Also, anesthetic creams and ice may help.
  • The embracing topical therapy supports groups and counseling are other ways of learning for other couples.

A positive approach to the herpes issues when both Partners have HSV 1 helps them to enjoy marital bliss. Keep in mind knowledge is power and winning the war as a couple helps to keep the stigmatization at bay.

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