Dating a Poz guy- 10 Things You Need to Know

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Dating a Poz guy may seem hard, but there is hope. Dating is hard.  It’s hard for every person, and that is without factoring in various concerns of medical conditions like HIV. His HIV status is not a factor to consider if all the other variables are matching. HIV status is merely science and logistic measures.

If the other elements of your relationship are working out and you have strong mutual interests like sexual attraction. Also, you have similar taste embrace his status and enjoy your relationship.

However, when dating a dating a Poz guy, there are few things you need to know before starting the relationship.  Pay attention, and both of you will enjoy and live happily.

Ask Questions

Ask your partner any burning question about his status. Many people when dating a Poz guy are afraid of hurting their feeling. Don’t be. People living with HIV do understand that their partners may have trepidations or fears especially after learning the truth. So when you have doubts, ask all the questions you like. It helps in creating a free communicating channel that makes him happy talking to you about his status. Also, it helps in removing any doubts that may worry you about the relationship and its happiness.  What hurts most of the people living with HIV are the assumptions you make without giving him time to clear the doubt. So speak up.

Don’t Assume

For an HIV negative positive it’s easy to feel afraid when dating a dating a Poz guy. But the same case applies to him. Just because he was honest and also upfront does not mean he is not afraid. Before making any social and sexual situations ensure that both parties are comfortable and ready to enjoy. Moreover, a happy dating relationship needs both partners to share and experience a mutual connection and understanding.

Respect His Privacy

It’s important to note that if he respected you enough and talked about his status, you should respect him also. This is by keeping his status a private matter. Talk to your girlfriends about how he treats you, and how he makes you feel. But unless you ask him first, always avoid talking about his HIV status. Keeping the secret may be the hardest part of dating a Poz guy, but it pays if committed to the relationship.

Dating a Poz guy

Don’t worry about others

We live in a world where rumors are part of the life.  And the fact remains they have zero chances of getting you affected by the virus. So don’t mind or worry what other others many say since you are dating a Poz guy. Instead, you need to worry whether he makes you feel special, makes you laugh and satisfies you in bed. Moreover, people will always have a negative thought or talk about someone regardless of their status. So make such people jealous by making your relationship healthy and happy.

Don’t hold back

Enjoy your time together and don’t hold back and limiting yourself. As long as you are honest about your feelings to have fun. Go clubbing, movies, take vacations, swim, shop for groceries and eventually get married.

Use Protection to Avoid Infection

It’s normal that when dating a Poz guy, you need to protect yourself at all times. Both of you should embrace using condoms at all times. Additionally, you need to avoid various body fluid contacts like blood, vaginal fluid, and semen. In addition, avoid contact with breast milk and others fluids that may contain blood. Also, avoid deep French kissing since it can expose you to the virus in case your partner gums are bleeding.

Dating a Poz guy

Taking HIV Prevention Medication

On top to using polyurethane and latex condoms, you can opt for the newest prevention tool the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.  PrEP is a like hormonal birth control pill, but it’s used to fight against HIV transmission. It’s a pill taken every day, and it protects a person from getting HIV to a tune of 90 percent.  Also, avoid taking PrEP frequently since it becomes less effective.

The Post-Exposure Prophylaxis is a Plan B or the after morning pill that prevents HIV infection. The PEP is taken within 72 hours after the potential exposure of the HIV like condom breaking.  And it needs to be made continuously for 28 days.

Trust your Partner

Once you start dating a Poz guy, you need to go slow and avoid jumping into physical intimacy. Go on various dates, hold hands and have a closed mouth kiss.  But don’t become intimate until you are comfortable with the situation. Trusting your partner helps to build your relationship. Let him show you ways to protect your life and keep you a free infection. It is one way of enjoying your time together without worrying. Also trusting him makes it easy to communicate.

Always Help and Support your Partner

It’s known that HIV comes with different symptoms and some may lead to an emotional breakdown. However, you may seek professional helps to elaborate on ways you to deal with such moments without hurting each other. Nevertheless, always be available to offer a supporting hand by asking him the ways you can make him happy and other times giving him enough space.

Also, ensure your partner takes his drugs frequently and live a healthy lifestyle.  Adhering to his treatment will help to lower the viral load and also ensure he remains healthy and stronger. Besides it also reduces the risk of you getting HIV infected. Additionally, you may go for his counseling and support group classes with him, and this shows that you care for his wellbeing.

Talking to Someone

Dating a Poz guy may be draining. And it’s important you speak to an expert who can encourage you and walk with you during your relationship journey. The process of talking to an expert helps you conquer your fears and move forward with love and affection.

Finally the journey of dating a Poz guy is more exciting if you let it flow normally and embrace each other love.

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