Does dating sites for hiv positive people work?

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Many hiv singles many ask the question: does dating sites for hiv positive people work?  The answer is YES. Hiv positive dating sites do help hiv singles increase their chances of success in finding love.

Internet dating sites are often taken with regard to granting by single folks looking for love. But if someone suffers from a sexually transmitted disease like hiv then it can be hard for them to find an understanding partner.

After all, if an hiv-positive person tries to find a partner without HIV. Then the person who is not affected will reject him because he does not want to risk contracting HIV.

As a result, the only chance for single hiv people to find a suitable partner is to pair up with someone with the same disease. That is why dating sites for hiv positive people work well because they allow hiv singles to find a partner who has hiv too.

This will ensure that in the future their situation will receive understanding and empathy from their partner rather than any prejudice.

Fortunately, there are some hiv positive dating sites dedicated to helping hiv-positive people find their partner. Let’s see the top hiv dating sites reviews below.

Dating sites for hiv positive people

dating sites for hiv positive people


Since 2001, PositiveSingles have formed a large website dedicated to connecting singles who with HIV, HPV, herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

You can read about some of their 60,000+ dating success stories on the site.

A live dating counselor and online chat room are the most basic free features. The free app is another way that you should find potential matches.


Download PositiveSingles’ App for iPhone

Download PositiveSingles’ App for Android

PositiveSingles frequently features advice from members going through various stages of dating.

It has a strict anti-counterfeiting policy to ensure that all members joining the site are real. Members of the site come from all over the world, including the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

dating sites for hiv positive people

PozPersonals is a mainstream dating sites for hiv positive people. It not only has its own dating community but also offers community forum, guidance and medical information.

A basic POZ Personals membership is free and allows you to view other members’ profiles, comment on others, and publish your own blog.

Paying members put your profile above other matches to let more people know about you.


dating sites for hiv positive people


Founded in 1988, PozMatch is a Owned HIV Dating and Social Community.

Basic regular membership is free and includes features such as profile, search and instant messaging. High-quality members include all of these types of features, as well as private email, network video, and support services.


HIV passion is a free online dating and social dating site for hiv-positive people to find a partner and emotional support.

You can create a new profile or register with Facebook to start finding and accessing your top matches.

More than just matching singles, the site has chat rooms, forum and blogs, video channels and book reviews


If you’re looking for a dating site for hiv positive people, HIVDating4u certainly fits the bill. This user-friendly platform puts quality first when it comes to hiv positive dating.

HIV Dating4u is only one of the most popular hiv positive dating sites in Scandinavia, but its international membership is growing.


In a positive dating atmosphere, hiv singles can use instant messaging to start conversations online and make their experiences public. With a basic membership, you can browse the dating site, view profiles, send flirts, and edit your profile for free.

Over the years, HIVDatingOnline has helped thousands of people make worthwhile connections.


HIV plus Dating is the contact site when it comes to hiv + dating. An international dating site has created an environment in which all HIV + dating members have HIV, meaning there is no need for redundant explanations.

People living with HIV can find their loved ones, connect with others without being judged.

HIV plus dating allows more members to understand and respect each other.


DatingPositives is a dating site for people with HIV.

Hzone App

If you’re an iPhone user, Hzone is a very practical dating app for hiv-positive singles.

The quick match game makes it easy for you to browse eligible single people living with HIV. You’ll see a profile and can choose the heart icon to like it or the x icon to pass on it.

Hzone has a location-based matching algorithm to help you find more suitable matches around you.

dating site for hiv positive individualsApps Add the Convenience

HIV dating apps add convenience to searches for online dating communities. There are several different options for specific target audiences. The task is to ensure that everyone in need has the capacity to receive assistance.

HIV positive dating has had an impact on the lives of hiv-positive people. Accessing these online information resources allows people to develop comfortable support systems.

Opening the door to new opportunities is as simple as clicking a button or swiping across the screen. Dating sites for hiv positive people and app are becoming more efficient and user-friendly. Their social and medical conditions are improving every day.

Which is better

Online meeting is a safe and effective way to build a relationship. PositiveSingles are leaders in this field.

The site provides a wealth of information to help hiv-positive individuals make informed decisions.

Getting couples together is just one aspect of the site. There are many serious and inevitable questions to answer.

People with HIV want to feel safe, comfortable and want to live long and productive lives.

dating site for hiv positive individualsDating Tips are Available

People living with HIV can find some HIV dating tips on these sites. All stress the importance of revealing your status to your partner on time. Every date is unique. It depends on the nature of your relationship.

When you’re going to start a relationship with someone who’s HIV positive, you need to know some simple things. Keep these tips in mind, this dating can possibly turn into a serious romantic relationship.

1. Ask Question

If something bothers you, never be discouraged and ask questions. People with HIV are highly aware of your doubts and fears, and they want you to ask questions.

You ask questions on behalf of your willingness to learn and communicate deeply with them.

2. Honor Their Privacy

Everyone deserves respect and protection. If an HIV infected person trusts you to share his or her privacy with you, you should also protect their privacy.

You can share other information about your date with your friends, but be sure to keep sensitive hiv-related topics out of the conversation.

3. Discuss Health Issue

In dating, you should actively discuss health issues that can spread through intimate contact. It’s important to know if your partner has been exposed to the virus.

If you go further, you should all be tested. If your partner is positive, you need to make sure he gets proper treatment. Remind him that using the right drugs can control HIV.

4. Accept Rejection

Be prepared to be rejected. This is what happens to everyone, not just people living with HIV.

You need to remember that dating is a process of finding the right person, and it involves rejecting others and being rejected.

5. Do Not Be Afraid

You are not the only person in this relationship who is afraid and nervous. Maybe, your potential partner is more afraid than you are. Some of them think their conditions are less than ideal.

If you feel particularly upset or scared, it is important to receive education and seek help. You can find a doctor or support group to soothe your emotions.

dating site for hiv positive individualsHow dating sites for hiv positive people work?

These HIV dating sites provide space for hiv-positive singles to create their own environment where you can introduce yourself. You can give the information you want to share and describe your personality in the free text box.

Thanks to a convenient search filter, you can find matches based on gender, age and place of residence, making it easy to find friends.

Because these sites take privacy and integrity very seriously, outsiders will be unable to view members’ profiles. Only when you have fully filled out your own personal information can you view other personal information as a member.

These sites also choose not to allow your profile to be included in Google or other search engines. On these sites, you can choose whether to remain anonymous, and only those who are hiv-positive can see your information.


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