STD Positive Dating Sites: MPWH vs Positive Singles

MPWH vs Positive Singles

Have you been diagnosed with an STD? Are you worried that you might never get a date? Are wondering whether STD positive dating sites work?

Dating can be a hard task. It is even harder for those diagnosed with HIV and other STDs. Things might be challenging, but don’t worry. There is some good news!

The Good News

There is a wide range of online dating sites for people with herpes. These sites are useful, and if you use them well, they can enable you to enjoy a successful date.

They can also help you to meet other people who have the same condition. Another plus, in addition to finding a lover!

That’s not all; there are other benefits of STD positive dating sites. They include:

  • Finding groups that provide moral support.
  • Consulting with STDs experts one-on-one.
  • Getting expert medical opinions.
  • Finding counselors who are willing to help you.

Furthermore, you get to interact with the world when you join these sites. They also provide privacy and safety features and their policies are adhered to.

MPWH vs. Positive Singles

MPWH and Positive Singles are two well-known STD positive dating sites, but which one is better?

Let’s review each one of them:

MPWH Overview

MPWH is one of the best sites you can find people who are supportive and friendly. Its primary purpose is to provide a safe dating environment for herpes.

For newbies, it is very easy to sign-up at the MPWH website. Moreover, the website has some of the best tools for navigating and it ensures that you get a friendly experience. In fact, the site offers some of the most impressive features in this industry.

It is a good site for different people regardless of age and level of online dating experience. You will also be excited to learn that it is very easy to make friends on this site.

Immediately you sign up, you get the necessary help to succeed in the online dating world. You get not only a good experience but the type of relationship you deserve.

Worried about privacy? No worries anymore since the sites have ensured full privacy for its users. If you have been looking for herpes dating, is a site worth checking.

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process is smooth and straight. You simply click the “Sign Up” button and then fill in your details, including:

  • Where you are located
  • Your height
  • Your email address
  • Username
  • Your date of birth
  • A strong password

Then, like most STD positive dating sites, you should tick the privacy agreement box. With that, you will have created your account, and it is free to do so.

From there, you can head over to the “about me” section and provide all your personal information.  This is also the place that you will show the kind of relationship you are looking for.

What Are the Prices?

std positive dating sites

You can choose among the following:

  • Sign Up for Free to Be a Standard Member
  • 1 Month Gold Membership for $19.95
  • 3 Months Gold Membership for $39.95
  • 6 Months Gold Membership for $59.95
  • 12 Months Gold Membership for $59.95

1-Month membership auto-renewals at the monthly rate until canceled. 3 and 6 Month packages do not renew. To turn off this feature, simply turn off the billing agreement by:

  • Visit the Subscription status page
  • Contact Customer Service 1-416-628-1072
  • Email us at [email protected]

For security purpose, the officials will get in touch with you when changing your payment details.

MPWH has other great offers. For instance, there is an option where you can earn a gold membership for free. You will need to share dating tips to qualify for this kind of membership. The tips you provide should be of high quality.

There are other things that you can do to get a free gold membership pass. They include:

  • Writing press releases and articles about MPWH.
  • Promoting MPWH on social media.

After doing this, you can send your confirmation to the support for consideration.

What Are the Site’s Unique Features?

MPWH vs Positive Singles has interesting features. You will get a chance to enjoy the following features:

Let’s Meet

‘Let’s Meet’ is one of the best features of the site and it is located on the top menu. If you click this feature, you will land on members’ profiles page. You can choose whether you would want to meet them or not in their pictures.


‘Maybe’ is a section that shows people who are not sure about meeting you. This feature is great since you can see all the interests.

Both the “Let’s Meet” and the “Maybe” features are quick and efficient to navigate.  They easily enable you to scroll through various profiles. They also allow you to see people who match your specifications. You don’t need to make a guess while finding a date on STD positive dating sites, do you?

Connection Box

After logging into, you see a box located at the left side. Here is where you see the number of connections you have made. How will you know your connections?

  • People will email and wink at you to connect.
  • People will choose to be added to your profile.

Also, with this feature, you can see some stats and know if the site is working well for you.

Hold Your Profile also has a useful feature that enables you to hold your profile. That’s mean temporary deactivating it – you can reactive it later.  If you are going for a vacation, this is an excellent feature that you can use.

Also, you can hold your account instead of deleting it when you find a potential lover. In this way, you will reactivate the account later in case you need it.

The feature can also enable you to hide your profile if you are away for a while. That way you will avoid people contacting you when you are not available.

The site has other many exciting features, and if you become a member, you will understand all of them. The site is very easy to understand. It is user-friendly, and you can be sure to get every feature on the site.

Is the Site Safe and Private? does not screen people who join it.  You should, therefore, be careful when you talk or arrange to meet with any member.

To be safe:

  • Don’t give out your personal information.
  • Meet your potential partner in a public area.

With that in mind, the website does assure its members of total privacy.  It doesn’t share your personal details with a third-party. Your sign up information is stored in a private and secure server.

As well, the site has a lot of privacy and verification settings to help you avoid con people. In addition, you can easily block users from accessing your profile pictures. Only those who you allow will access your pictures.

In short, nobody else can use your personal information except the admins. They may also contact you if they need to.

Ensure that you check the privacy section in the footer of to learn more about its privacy policies. You can easily do this before you sign up.

Positive Singles Overview

There are many reasons why PositiveSingles is one of the best STD positive dating sites around. The site has been there for a while, and it has been helping those looking for an ideal date.

Since it started in 2002, it has helped thousands of people to get their dream partners. This is quite an evidence from the many successful stories of the previous members.

Therefore, it is a great herpes dating website that you should try today. In fact, you will be excited to learn that it offers some great features and benefits.

The support you get from Positive Single is one of its kinds. You cannot compare it to meeting real people during your ordinary daily activates. To say the least, it is a fantastic positive dating website that you will love.

With, you will get:

  • A Lover
  • A friend
  • A colleague
  • Expert advise
  • Romance

Sign Up Process

Just like MPWH, the sign-up process at is very easy. Actually, you will have your account ready within 5 minutes. What a great way to start interacting with people immediately?

The site will ask you to fill in the usual information like:

  • Your location
  • Age and Username
  • Email address and Strong password

The site is also specific because you will have to specify the type of STD that you have. Actually, the site has listed all the major STDs and even offers an option of “specify other”. You can easily notify them of your condition.

There is also another button you can choose if you have more than one STD.

What Are the Pricing?

std positive dating sites

The various options available for members include:

  • Sign Up for Free to Be a Standard Member
  • 1 Month Gold Membership for $29.95
  • 3 Months Gold Membership for $59.95
  • 6 Months Gold Membership for $95.95

Positive Singles has an option of free or paid membership. The premium membership offers additional benefits. Therefore, you consider upgrading your account to a paid membership.

Just like the MPWH, the billing is automatic, according to the membership you select. Also, you can easily turn off billing if you no longer want the site to bill you. Simply “Cancel”.

What Are the Site’s Unique Features?

MPWH vs Positive Singles offers some unique features that members will fall in love with.


One of the best features for the site is the gold.  This feature is unique to have for STD positive dating sites. The feature enables you to move to another website when you click it. It is a useful feature if you don’t want your friend to know that you are a member of this site.

It is also a feature that enables you to exit quickly if you need to.

Forums and Blogs

One main benefit of joining STD positive dating sites is to get moral support. This is precisely what you get when you join  Truly, the site is worth your money if you want more than just a lover.  All that is possible thanks to the forums and blogs support the feature.

When you register, you will get someone to talk to. You can even establish a relationship with that individual.

The best part, all these forums, and blogs are active around the clock. This ensures that you get the much-needed support whenever you want it.

While participating in these forums and blogs, you may find someone you like and connect. There is always a vibrant community-solving issue on the site.

Live Room

There is a live room where members can meet and chat. In these rooms, you will enjoy the great experience because you can find someone and chat with them privately. That makes the site to be one of the best when it comes to this feature.

Ask Dating Adviser

Are you looking for someone to advise you on issues concerning herpes dating online? got your back with the “Ask Dating Adviser” feature. This feature gives you the opportunity to talk to someone through chat and get expert advice.

Is the Site Safe and Private?


Here, you also need to take some precautionary measures.  For example, you need to do a background check on someone before you can decide to meet that person.

That doesn’t mean that the site doesn’t take measure to ensure that you are safe when looking for a date. For instance, doesn’t share your information with a third-party.

You also get to go through different privacy and verification settings when on the website. You can also decide to hide your profile from some user.

Note that the website is crystal clear when it comes to your privacy. Also, ensure that you go through the site’s privacy policies before you register.


MPWH and PositiveSingles are great STD positive dating sites that enable users to interact in a safe and secure environment. But according to our review, PositiveSingle is a better site since offers reliable services. Also, many people have achieved successful dating while using the site. If you are looking for successful dating PositiveSingles can do.



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